Move To Canada?

X had considered migrating to Canada several years ago, and decided that Canada really doesn’t want Americans moving there; although many do. X can’t help thinking that Americans who want to move to Canada, are socialists at heart.

X has researched some, and it appeared that one has to be put into a “class” to determine a pay scale; that is, if you decide to work.

Even if you don’t work, you have to prove that you have a shitload of money before they let you move across the border.

X isn’t sure that it would be a good idea anyway; Canada is after all, a socialist country. Gun ownership is not allowed by private citizens except maybe hunting rifles; but a Glock 21 with your favorite AR-15? NFW, dude.

Also, Napoleonic Law is the basis of their judicial system. I wonder if they were the wigs like the limeys do.

Count me out.

Health issues may be less of a concern, but X has not researched that specifically.

If your skills were marketable, say a chef or in the medical field, you may be a good candidate for migration.

The point is, one cannot just load up the truck, and move to Montreal.