El Dorado Rum

Ah yes. Just looking at a picture makes X’s mouth and eyes water.

12 Year Old

This is the best rum X ever had. There are 15 year and older versions available, but X is happy with the 12 year.

The problem is that X cannot buy it locally. The closest distributor for this brand is Dallas, Houston, Longview, and Abilene.

X used to be able to order it but some new bullshit law prohibits from shipping liquor to Texas now. Wine, OK but liquor, no.

X asks if anyone has the time and heart to pick him up a couple bottles, and ship it to him. X would gladly pay for the merchandise and shipping, plus extra for your time.

It would have to go UPS as the USPS no longer ships liquid in glass.


15 Year Old

21 Year Old

This stuff is called a Demerara rum as it is exclusively made in South America where the sugar cane grows in Guyana, the region is known as Demerara.



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