X’s Eye On The DJIA

Here’s a surprise…The Dow opened down at 16,279 about 55 points.

It has been up today as high as 16,478, then back down.

Today’s close was 16,417, +79 from start.


2 thoughts on “X’s Eye On The DJIA

  1. Ok, I’m not a DJIA watcher; I just glance at it once or twice a week. Never had enough money to invest so I don’t watch it. So my dim memory says that the market was up to 18,000 or more about a month ago. Now it’s down to 16,000 plus change. That’s a HUGE drop; ain’t it? Everything being relative; you would think that a 10%+ drop in anything would be NEWS.
    Do you think that it could possibly get down to 15,000?

    • Steve, the Dow dances into the fifteen thousand range with frequency. Yes, it will hit 15,000 eventually as the economy fails. I don’t have money to invest either, but the wife has retirement money tied up in mutual funds. When it does hit 15,000, it will be the beginning of a much larger tumble. Those who haven’t got their money out by then, may not ever.

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