Amsterdam? Liberals? It’s Crawlin’ With ’em!

I  recall when I was a young feller and could think of hardly anything but my next joint, and hearing rumors about Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, they had hash bars and pot bars like the US had brew pubs.

It was so out there, that X could not fathom it.

A buddy of mine, met a guy that had been there and yes; it was true.

Young X began saving his money for emigration to The Netherlands; more specifically, Amsterdam.

Black hash, Lebanese blonde, wowee Maui, Tai stick; X looked forward to red eyes, pepperoni pizza, beer, and REO Speewagon for the rest of his life.

That dream lasted about as long as it took young X to check his watch the next time. Point being, he got over it.

Every now and then the subject of hash bars in Amsterdam would crop up, and X would have a momentary memory of those days. More recently, a similar vision occurred when Uncle Bubba visited Colorado after they legalized pot bars.

At times, and I know this may be hard to believe, X can be a little slow about seeing the big picture, and this is one of them.

The Netherlands have always been a den of liberals, and with the refugee crisis in Europe, liberalism has risen to  dangerous proportions. Europe is like a breeding factory for liberals.

It’s OK to smoke hash and killer dope, but don’t say nothing against the ragheads.

X’s dream is no more. It’s too great a sacrifice. I get it now.

The Euro trash are paying the price now. The cost of liberalism. Where are the European men? Why aren’t the Euro men kicking the raghead’s asses for messin’ with their women?



3 thoughts on “Amsterdam? Liberals? It’s Crawlin’ With ’em!

  1. Because the Eurotrash “men” have been pussified by Political Correctness!

    And the liberal elite are trying to that to American men…..

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