X’s Cooking Frenzy

X had a hankering for one of his old time favorite beef recipes sirloin tips and mushrooms.

Ah yes. X started thinking about his dish on Wednesday when the local grocery chain came out with the ‘weekly specials’. One of the advertised sales was that of bone-in sirloin at $2.77/ pound.

X added that to his grocery list and the mushrooms. X picked up some inexpensive merlot; a 4 pack of little bottles

When Saturday came, X was disappointed to find out that the advertised special was the old “bait and switch”. According to the butcher, the ‘warehouse’ shipped round instead of sirloin. Try as he might, X could not fathom substituting chuck for sirloin, so he set his sights instead on Sam’s Club.

He was not disappointed this time.

He picked up 4 lbs of thick cut sirloin at Sam’s. It was quite a bit more than $2.77, but he didn’t care.

See recipe for details. X’s Grey Poupon mustard had expired in 2011. It’s amazing how long that stuff really lasts. Beef broth, the merlot, some soy sauce, beef broth, and whipping cream are the sauce base; with cornstarch as a thickener.

X purchased 24 oz of mushrooms from the grocery store and used all.

This recipe recommends one makes a double batch as when the household gets wind, it won’t last long.

X starts the timer for slow cooking the beef when he adds the sauce to the beef; generally allowing a cook time of 1 1/2 hours.

After successfully feeding the wife upon her returning from Saturday school, she napped and X made iron skillet cobbler. X posted a while back on making this. It’s very easy and quick.

Monday, X has a hardon for gumbo. There is no way to scratch this itch except to make it, and that will begin Monday.

X also has three boneless ribeyes marinating in the fridge with a can of pineapple chunks. He also rubbed some Adolph’s meat tenderizer on them before adding the pineapple, turning occasionally.  His last run at this method proved very successful.
X has a cast iron pan that has the raised grill sections on it. He sprinkles about a teaspoon of coarse salt in the grooves in the pan. X heats the grill pan on the stove for seven minutes, then places a steak on it for three minutes, turns it over for three minutes more. The steak is then moved to the toaster oven broiler where it cooks for three minutes, turn and three minutes, turn and three minutes, turn and three minutes.

X splits said steak with wife and has fresh baked potato too.

The wife does not care for gumbo. Shame.

The carrot cake X made last week went so fast that X had to hold back making it again this week.



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  1. You got me thinking about some shrimp and sausage gumbo. The weather is turning colder tomorrow and a gumbo would go a long way to warming everything up from the inside out.

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