None Of Us Knows The Real Truth

This is just an example of what is goin’ down.

Who orders it? The obamski administration? Does obamski approve of this? or does Jarret have a free reign of instructing the cabinet?

Does obamski have a little committee of minions that just sit around dreamin’ up shit to piss us off?

What about this?

Border Patrol: Agents Have Been Given Orders To Release Any Illegals That They Catch If They State They Have Been Here For Certain Period Of Time

The only way this shit is going to stop is when good citizens tell the feds “enough”.

At times, actions would prove to speak louder than words…this may be one of those situations.

If every muslim refugee lovin’ city in this country that has had refugees forced down their throats would begin offin’ these invaders, they would not want to be here. They would go somewhere else.

If enough armed citizens patrolled the border and filled the Rio Grande River with bodies, the influx of illegals would drop by attrition, never mind the new word that gets spread to the south “you go to US, you die at the border.

These are harsh times, and  there are more on the way.

We have enough of a battle before us with the feds without wasting time and ammo on ‘refugees’.

The administration feeds the hungry media just enough scraps ’cause they know the media will run with whatever is thrown at them; like a good dog.