Why All The Stink Over The Oscars?

I just don’t understand…why the knee-grows are all up tight about not having any black folks nominated for Oscars. I mean, why this year? It’s not like it’s the first time this has happened.

The answer is obvious; for the most part, knee-grows cannot act.

The days of Sidney Poitier are gone, and he was one of the best; black or white.

Denzel Washington is another great actor. Personally, I felt his role in “Glory” was way over-dramatic. However, “Training Day” was very well done. John Q, Fallen, The Equalizer, Deja Vu, American Gangster, all are excellent examples of Denzel’s versatility.

Halle Berry? I am glad to say that I have not wasted my time watching her Oscar winning performance. The only reason folks watch her is  to see if she’ll take off her top.

Wesley Snipes is good too, but his type of movies are not really “Oscar caliber”.

The damn complainin’  knee-grows make it sound like they deserve to have a black ‘in the runnin’ like they are ‘in the runnin’ for their EBT cards or whatever you call them.

Will Smith and his bitch should just shut the hell up as neither one is a worth a shit actor.

That idiot that did the Miss America or Universe pageant, shows exactly why there aren’t many blacks in that business; they’re not smart enough.

If any knee-grow deserves an Oscar for a performance this past year, it would be Comrade Obamski at his speech announcing more gun control. Remember when he wiped his eyes with jalapeño juice over the Sandy Hook Hoax?

The knee-grow community is also up at arms that a white dude is playing the role of Michael Jackson in upcoming movie, why? Michael Jackson wanted to be white.

I gotta say that Chris Rock is going forward with his emcee of the awards ceremony. He is usually first on board to criticize crackers, but has thus far kept his yap shut.

Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman would be higher on my list if they weren’t such pro-obamski folks, but then there’s plenty of white folk who have their nose up obamski’s ass so far it’s hard to tell where who ends and who begins; George Clooney for one.

Now we have this group that is telling the academy who the academy as missed for Oscars over the years…

Leonardo de Caprio…maybe for Blood Diamond

Samuel L Jackson…here we go again

Anette Bening…who?

Brad Pitt…his role in 12 Monkeys was good. He’s made his millions who cares if he gets an Oscar or not?

Spike Lee…again, who?

Amy Adams…another on the who? list

Glenn Close…that’s easy. She’s a cunt.

Viola Davis..nominated twice…keep it up girlfriend, you’ll get there. At least you never lost to Glenn.

Will Smith…gimme a break

Ryan Gosling…IMO, little known

David Oleyowo…good actor…Oscar caliber? Could be someday.

Thomas Newman…composer…his family has pretty big shoes to fill

Diane Warren…never heard of her

Roger Deakins…sigh. It’s a small but exclusive club.

The Academy is so political.

Remember when Paul Newman was  nominated for The Verdict? and didn’t get it? That was Newman’s finest performance…ever.

He got it next year in the yawner Color of Money. The Academy said “whoops!” and gave it to him.

The same thing happened to Liz Taylor in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof which she should have won. Instead, they gave it to her next year in that yawner Butterfield 8.

Way to go Beyonce…idiot