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Any of you ever look at The Common Sense Show site? Ever listen to his radio broadcasts?

Dave Hodges has a decent following and he does get some big name folks on his radio shows from time to time, including the false god Rawles.

Occasionally he has some good ideas, and I for the most part go along with him. He did an interview with a couple of goobers Pete and Repeat about the new Jade Helm…”the sky is falling, the sky is falling” about the shit about to rain down in Texas. They were concerned about the long trains with military gear. Yeah guys, I’ve seen long ass trains too.

Hodges’ article today is riddled with panicky “what ifs” and “are you ready for this and that” scenarios comparing FEMA camps to WWII concentration camps.

Sounds to me like Mr Hodges has given up already and suggest that you run and hide; or bend over and let “them” (an as of yet described group) haul your asses to a FEMA camp.

Mr Hodges is largely wrong. The military is not going to blindly follow orders and incarcerate civilians regardless of what lying bullshit Comrade Obamski makes up. The military is not stupid, and any over stepping of Obamski’s limits of power is likely to divide the military to a certain extent.

Certainly, there are always the blind ‘order following soldiers’ that just want to kick ass and take orders; regardless is it’s right or wrong.

I think for the most part that the military will not participate in any such “gun grab” or “detention camp round-up”.

The same with local law enforcement.

There are millions of armed citizens in this country, and there are more guns than there are military, LEOs, and federal employees put together.

No, the administration thinks it will have total and absolute control…it is in for a big surprise.

The revolution is just around the bend.

Rawles says that the main goal of FEMA is for continuation of government or COG, not detention of dissidents. Makes sense to me, then why the term FEMA detention camp? Who coined that?

Nope. I think that if Comrade Obamski decided to be king, declare martial law, begin gun confiscation, he will learn that he has overstepped his power and will have to deal with a full blown revolution.



2 thoughts on “The Common Sense Show

  1. The Boston Marathon Bombing and Katrina. Those are two recent examples of the police and the military ignoring our rights. The cops in Boston did a massive illegal search and seizure. The military disarming people at Katrina (that one almost got me shot).

    Today’s military does not have the conviction and esprit De corps that it once had. All of the leaders that had honor have left or retired – the gays and degenerates are in charge now. Morale is at an all time low in the military. The recent Navy/Iran situation is a prime example of how messed up our military is.

  2. I follow Dave Hodges. He promotes fear, that is all. His stories are all gloom and doom. FEMA camps do exist but their possible use remains unknown. Obama has gutted the military of around 250 officers who I assume did not want to go along with POTUS and the globalists. It is a fucked up world alright.

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