Did Obamski Have Scalia Killed?

The best explanation we get of Justice Scalia’s untimely death is “natural causes”. Certainly, 79 years old is right there with dying from old age.

Remember Andrew Brietbart? Dropped dead while jogging? from natural causes?

I don’t think so.

Could obamski have had it done? or at least had knowledge of it?

Damn right.

The only hope you and I have is that the Senate halts any and all nominations for a replacement.

Even McConnell has indicated the Senate will not allow obamski to get another bleeding heart liberal on the Supreme Court.

Has McConnell lied before? Damn right.

The word I used was “hope”.

The only hope I see recently is that of what folks like you and I generate making a stand alone or with others.


One thought on “Did Obamski Have Scalia Killed?

  1. My greatest fear is Obama will attempt a “recess” appointment to try to by-pass the confirmation by the United States Senate.

    What I would rather see is a bill to reduce the number of sitting judges from 9 to 7 and limit the time an elected/appointed official can sit to 20 years with their health-care and retirement benefits directly tied to the retirement benefits of the military.

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