You Were Saying? UWEX16 is Nothing To Worry About?

Taken in Lowe’s parking lot in Bastrop Texas

Dunno. A five gallon gas can underneath might empty the roaches from that can pretty quick. Hell, if they want to play wargames, I say let’s get serious about it.

It don’t look like United Blood Services.

Story here

UWEX16 is the continuation of Jade Helm 15.


4 thoughts on “You Were Saying? UWEX16 is Nothing To Worry About?

  1. The French tag layout changed in 2009 so the first 2 letters are no longer the region of origin of the vehicle. The logo sticker in the upper right will indicate what region or if it is a government tagged vehicle but it looks like the Gironde district (Bordeaux) but I cannot tell if that is a government logo or not. The 90 & 80 numbers are the Euro markings for max speed it is authorized for day and night driving.

    If you want to screw with it take a rancid piece of pork and throw it on top of the spare tire. With the warm temps you have down there it will be less than 24 hours before it is quite aromatic. Even if they pack up and move the smell goes with them…

  2. I agree with the reader’s comment, that it’s less likely a paramilitary surveillance vehicle, and more like a Euro’s heavy duty travel truck. It’s not properly armored, it’s not reinforced to carry the extra weight of armor, the windows open and are not bullet-proof. Stabilizer bar– I know if I was parking-lot camping, I wouldn’t want to be swaying from every gust that hits that box. I’m not familiar with Bastrop, but if it’s big enough for Lowes, there’s likely a W-M nearby; in my town, they’re right across the street from each other, adjacent to the mall.

    • Seems coincidental that a foreign vehicle like that shows up a few days before military exercises are taking place. If it was in a big town like Austin, Houston, SA, not a second look; but Bastrop? Texas patriot headquarters deemed ‘red zone’ by the feds. Also, I don’t believe in coincidences when it comes to the feds.

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