I Wouldn’t Put Anything Past Obama…But Murder?

I suspected it…President Obama having Justice Scalia murdered to further his bullshit agenda.

I found this article at Chief Nose Wetter’s


It’s believable but then I’m admittedly a bit biased against our chocolate president.

Oversteps constitutional boundaries, admits the Constitution gets ‘in his way’, if he can’t get Congress to side with him, he write executive orders to pass any goddam law he wants, what we thought were the republicans as our last fading hope of any type of true separation of powers is now gone too because obamski is blackmailing members of Congress to side with him?

Anyone who conspires to murder is capable of anything…anything. He is a pig and deserves to be treated as such.

One has to consider:

the feds (obamski) has access to some of the most potent and unavailable and untraceable poisons on the planet…agreed? a touch, a whiff, a sprinkle on food…

Believe it or not, there are goons that hang on obamski’s every word and would do anything he asks; especially black ops detail…very much important mission…agreed?

Now on the other hand, we must consider the number of people involved in a mission like this because the more people that know about it, the more likelihood of it leaking. So, they just kill everyone who knows/knew about it…just to be sure.

Comrade Obamski has already proven that he will stop at nothing to further his idiotic liberal agenda, and he has to pick up his balls from Jarrett on a daily basis.