The Forecast Here

We haven’t had rain in so long that I decided to put out the sprinkler. We’re most likely done for any freeze this season, so it’s time to mix up another batch of homemade grass food as well.

For whatever reason, the neighborhood cat population uses my front garden as a common shitter, which required me to put down some pine bark mulch as well as move the Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun to the garage; just for a lil’ stinger. I bought some anti-cat repellant. I’ll tell you this much, it damn sure repels me…cough cough.

As I connected the sprinkler, the fitting broke off on the hose side. I replace the originals last year with a kit that put new ones on both ends of the  hose; the plastic/nylon kind.

So, I made a special trip to the hardware store this morning to get another replacement. I had fully intended to go with brass and just eat the higher price. They had no brass, just some cheap ass brass colored aluminium. I bought them anyway, but have made a mental note to go to the other hardware store and see if they don’t have the real brass ones.

I had a little premixed grass food left from last year’s batch, but mixed up a separate new one with the  molasses in with it. I have been having trouble with the molasses not dissolving thus clogging the pick up nozzle in the Ortho sprayer. I add the molasses because the molasses in the ground causes a bacteria to grow that deters ants. I have had it up to here with ant problems. I found some strays in my prepper pantry (the horror) so I fogged it.

I also spread a bag of granules before I water to continue the battle against the ants. I have not seen any large organized antbeds since the boiling water trick (thanks Bubba), but a few small ones pop up from time to time.

Awaiting our first heavy spring rain. That usually drives them up to the surface.

The back yard, is another story.

The neighbor cats like to shit there too, but too much surface area for anti-cat repellant or store-bought mulch.

Since I quit smoking, I rarely go out to the back yard. Over the winter, the weed  population on the east side by the pool pump/filter increased exponentially in my absence. I used some triple strength RangerPro herbicide to  knock them out. Many had already flowered and had seeds. Still, the weeds died.

The pool needs something done called a backflush that flushes the ditomaceous earth (DE) filter. As it gets dirty, the pressure at the pump head approaches 20 psi which can punch a whole into the mesh that contains the DE powder. It needs to be done. I let it go once before, and had to pay the pool guy $400 to replace the mesh grids.

My pool brush has become dilapidated sitting in the sun, and I will have to to my pool store (across town) to purchase another. It will be useful in brushing the leaves up.

The Polaris is near dead and is crucial to cleaning out the remaining leaves. To replace the Polaris would cost in the neighborhood of no less than $700. It is far beyond rebuilding.

So, I must do A so I can do B before I can do C before D happens…this does not even include the weeds the the wife is complaining about.

On another note, I purchase two plastic 5 gallon gas cans a few years ago only to have the nozzles crater. The original nozzles have such a complicated system of springs, grooves, sliding gizmos, etc, that if any of them go, the whole thing is worthless. A reader pointed me in the direction of

I installed one today. The vent is kind of a bitch but I used a 13mm socket to bang it into the can.

I am out of excuses for the yard work. Damn! It’s only February. Usually get a reprieve until April. Mild winter here.


2 thoughts on “The Forecast Here

  1. Gonna be in the 80’s here this week.

    I just went around the house today and nuked all the weeds with Roundup.

    As far as the cats go, plant some garlic. They won’t get near the stuff, and you’ll have fresh garlic to boot!

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