Additional Banter

As I mentioned yesterday, I had some stuff to do and stuff to do before I did said stuff.

On my list for today was the pharmacy, the liquor store, and the pool store.

In passing, I mentioned watering the yard yesterday. We are on water rationing here so I can only water from 6-10 am and pm, Wednesday and Sunday. I watered last night from 6-10, and to my horror, my neighbors (renters) were BBQing on their driveway. WTF? They gotta back yard, why not use it? Oh wait; they would have to pick up the dogshit from the three dogs they have back there. Silly me.

I do not know what they were cooking, but it smelled like burned asshole. I have to move my sprinkler every hour because of the tree and the size of my yard, a I got an evil whiff of that stuff…shudder.

They said “I hope you don’t mind we parked in front of your house.”

I waved and said “it’s OK. When my daughter comes home and sees you in her place she will just poke holes in your tires with an icepick.”

They laughed.

I didn’t.

My next trip outside, their car was gone.

So, my sprinkler adventure continues…the faucet leaks so bad that it made a lake. Water pours out the handle. I have put it off because the pricks who built this house bricked the hose bibb into the wall.. There is no way to hold the pipe while the faucet is being removed.

X is no plumber, but I could have probably handled that except I will have to bust out the brick around said hose bibb and then cement it all back when it’s done. I’ve done enough plumbing to know my limitations. I have never worked with masonry and that screams that it would be beyond me the first attempt.

The faucet in the back is OK. They left enough sticking out to hold it. I swear it costs $50 to do a $9 job every time I turn around. I should hire Bubba for a week and fix everything.

So, the pool store opens at eight, the pharmacy at nine, and the liquor store at ten. X likes to make as few trips as possible out so he waited until ten and took care of all three at once. X is efficient like that. The liquor store has been out of my Jim Beam jugs for three weeks now, and I have been forced to purchase a different brand of bourbon; Buffalo Trace. I was tempted by something called Rebel Yell, but I went for this instead.

Any word on the El Dorado Rum?

Buffalo Trace

Nothing on the hose bibb yet. Whatever I decide to do, it will be every way.


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  1. Just replace the washer and packing in the existing hose bib. From the sound of things, just the packing needs to be replaced, but why fool with it again a year from now when the washer craps out? You have to remove the compression nut to replace them both, so why not replace them both? The washer and packing cost pennies. If the washer seat is rough, you may need to spend a couple of dollars on a seat reamer (no, not for that seat!) to smooth out the seat, but that’s a reusable item. The whole process to fix the bib takes about twenty minutes!

    As for the neighbors; I had the same issue; Section Eight welfare bums who thought it was OK to do body work and paint in the driveway, and rent out their yard to store other peoples’ crap! I ended up having to move… Best decision I’v made in decades!

      • I saw your later post concerning the availability of a rebuild kit for your hose bib. There’s no rebuild kit, per se. Just go to Home Depot, True Value, Ace, or wherever, and tell the guy in the apron what you’re trying to do. He’ll hand you a pack of assorted washers and a blister pack of Teflon packing. The washers he’ll give you will be a lot closer in size than the ones you showed on your later post. They’ll be cheaper too. Make sure the pack of washers has a few of those brass screws in it, as sometimes the screw holding the washer in the bib corrodes. When you get the stuff home, kill the water supply, and unscrew the compression nut from the hose bib. You can usually do this without taking the handle off. Once the compression nut is undone, you can open the valve until the whole enchilada backs out of the bib. You may need to dig the old packing out with a small screwdriver or something of the like. The washer will be on the end of the valve shaft. Take out the screw and remove the washer. Use a good fitting screwdriver for this. If the screw is corroded, the head of the screw may literally scrape right off. find a new washer in the pack of washers you bought that fits in the spot you took the old one out of. There’s a small lip on the place where the washer sits. The new one should fit within that lip. If the old washer is flat, replace it with a flat washer. If it’s tapered, well, you know. Screw the washer back on. Look into the body of the bib. If the place where the washer lands looks smooth, go ahead and screw the valve back into the bib. If it’s rough, you’ll need to use the seat reamer on it. Just follow the instrux on the package it came in. It’s easy; a trained chimp could do it. Once you get the valve screwed into the bib, take the new packing and stuff it into the bib around the valve shaft. keep working it around the shaft until it’s sticking out of the top of the bib. You can use that small screwdriver to push the packing into place. You should just barely be able to get the compression nut threaded back on. Tighten the compression nut back down until the packing is, well, packed. You should be good to go for years. Good luck

      • I appreciate your high opinion of your local Lowe’s and Home Depot. I could only dream of getting that kind of help here. I hear you though. I am looking forward to nailing this down. Thanks for the advice.
        Will update.

  2. I prefer Scotch so I am a bit biased. Before you buy any Rebel Yell spend your money on some Evan Williams. RY is a bit harsh on my pallet (remember I like Scotch). The Buffalo Trace is what is left of the old Stagg distillery and they also make Ancient Age.

      • If you are drinking bourbon instead of Scotch I am sure you wouldn’t mind a blend that is economical and pretty good – Duggans Dew. I can get a half gallon for $24.

        For less than $60 my two favorites are Balvini 12yr Doublewood and Macallan 12 Yr Old. When my brother-in-law visits I have a bottle of Macallan that I have filled with Duggsn’s Dew that he drinks. He knows just enough about scotch to go after the Macallen. His knowledge is that all blends are inferior, he has never heard of Balvini and recognizes the Macallen name as top shelf.

      • I prefer blended scotch to a single malt, but even the blended ones cost more than Beam. I drank Dimple Pinch for years until I discovered Dewar’s, then Buchanan’s. The wife picked up some Chivas by accident once; I wasn’t impressed. Duggan’s Dew. Will give it a whirl as well as the other two. Thanks.

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