Bill Gates Sides With FBI

As you all know, several years ago obamski hauled Bill Gates and Microsoft down to the federal interrogation/extortion room, and threatened Gates with a Sherman anti-trust violation lawsuit.

The rest is history. With the advent of Windows 10, Bill Gates sold out all his customers by making Windows 10 nothing more than a “home spy reporter”. Gates bent over the table and let the feds do it to him over and over and over.

He’s pissed about that so now he sides with the feds saying that Apple should get on board. What board is that Bill? the same one you bent over?

The DOJ is now pursuing this same idea to continue its investigations since the DOJ has lost all its balls and brains and can no longer finish the ridiculous investigations obamski throws at them.

You wanna know what I think? ‘Course ya do.

I think the FBI and the federal government in general are totally fucking embarrassed that the civilians are beating them at the hacking and encrypting side of technology.