Today’s Banter

X and his surrogate pal, Buffalo Trace had such a good time last night, that X slept until noon.  I did manage to get my fat ass up to get the wife her lunch and see to it that she got off to work at six…then back to bed.

A reader commented on my hose bibb situation, and suggested I rebuild it (thanks Pete). There is a Grainger supply here but they wanted ten bucks shipping as they do not stock the rebuild kit. Neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot carried the kit; or at least they did not show it on their site to be in stock.

By the way, this is what I found:

Kissler & Co Stem Repair Kit, 17-7458

Kissler & Co Stem Repair Kit, 17-7458

Grainger also wanted like $7.50 for it.

I found it on ebay (I know, I know) for $6.50 and 5  bucks shipping.

I am sure I spent many times that in wasted water.

I cannot water again until this gets rebuilt.

Man, if that works I owe Pete some homebrew.

Someone please explain to me why obamski has a hardon to close Gitmo.



3 thoughts on “Today’s Banter

  1. Something I put on my book of face site this morning:
    Heard da’ prez talking about how he is going to shut down Gitmo……He also is going to go visit the oppressive Castro regime in Cuba…..dollars to donuts he is going to give Gitmo to the Castro clan as a “gesture of goodwill” and to atone for whatever he thinks America wrought on the Cuban people

      • Ha, not much we can do to stop the Imperial essence. Oh and did you see all the squawk about where he made that announcement? Yep, right in front of the portrait of a real prez; Teddy Roosevelt!
        I have come to the conclusion that obama isn’t out of touch, an idiot, or clueless about how or what he looks like. I am of the opinion that he is purposeful in his dismantling of this great country. All of his optics are engineered.
        How do we stop him…..nutten we can do ’bout it! I’ll introduce you to my sister from Hawaii and you’ll understand my despair!
        Oh and a great turn of a phrase; that “Buffalo” must not have hit you that hard!

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