Today’s Banter 2/24

Up at 6 as usual. No repercussions from the previous night’s comradery with the Buffalo except waking up yelling from a recurring nightmare.

As she is packing her stuff I asked her “did you ever find your school phone?”


After the wife left, I am making coffee, making sausage patties, biscuits when my phone rings and it’s my wife.

“I can’t find my school keys. Are they on the kitchen table?”

I got up to look on the table, “Nope, not here” I continue to look on the hook (where they’re supposed to be) “No, not here” I replied still walking towards the bedroom to see if she put them there.

“Well I don’t know how I’m going to get through the day without my school keys” she said.

I sat down after that saying “well you better find a way ’cause they’re not here.”

During the conversation, she is talking to others at the school and from what I could understand, they were the custodial staff.

“OK then, bye” she said, and I reciprocated.

I wandered into the closet to see if perhaps she left them on her jewel box, but no.

I mean, she wears these on a lanyard around her neck all day.

There are hooks by the back door on which keys go. One cannot leave without them so why not put them there when one arrives? The garage door remotes go there as well.

X keeps his keys and his garage door remote in his dresser top drawer. Make no mistake, they are always there.

A few minutes later, my phone rings again (this never happens; twice in one day?)

“I found them” she said. (I was not impressed.) “They were on the hook in my room.”

Oh, you mean where there supposed to be? Why are they there? How did you lock up when you left last night? All these question danced through my mind, but I dared not open that box of Pandora.

“Good!” I said with all the fake enthusiasm I could muster.

“OK, bye.”

A few minutes later, my phone goes off again (good thing I did not return to the sack this morning) “Guess what? I found my phone!”

“Yay! I said, again mustering all the enthusiasm I could.

OK then, now for coffee and breakfast.

The yard guy didn’t show up. It’s OK ’cause it didn’t need cutting, but I have work in the back for him when he does show.

I won’t feed the yard with my concoction until I get my outside faucet rebuilt.

I managed to get two loads of laundry done.

The front porch seems to attract every stray leaf in the county, and from thence they end up in the living room so I pulled the vacuum across the carpet.

I am eyeing a bowl of assorted apples making a pie today. I made some rhubarb crisp on Sunday. It didn’t taste like I had hoped, so I will probably toss it. I considered apple crisp, but the apple pie is a sure winner. Besides, I have crusts that I need to use.

Pie it will be. A Granny Smith, 2 Pink Lady, 1 Fuji and follow the recipe

I noticed a grungy film on the surface of the aquarium, so another main pump removal and cleaning of that is in order.