Banter for Today 2/25

Six am came early for me being up four times in the night with more strange dreams. I made the wife her half ham sammich, applesauce, cheese stick, yogurt, and vanilla wafers. Two giganto mugs o’ tea  with jellied toast and she’s off.

I had a hankerin’ this morning for hash browns, even though I had never been successful making them. It seemed we had a proliferation of taters; reds and russets.

I heated up my cast iron skillet and grated taters while the pan heated.

I used olive oil in the hot pan and place my reds tater pattie on  it. It sizzled nicely. I left it for 8 minutes then turned it over.

I did same with russet pattie.

I am over my hankerin’ for hash browns until the next millennium. More R & D is needed. Meanwhile, I will settle for pan fries.



2 thoughts on “Banter for Today 2/25

  1. Homestyle hashbrowns: take a potato and cook it till it is almost done in the microwave or oven. It needs to be still firm. Let it cool to room temp (I usually cook it the night before). Dice it up. Dice a small onion up as well. Put 1/4 cup olive oil in iron skillet and heat over medium heat. When the oil is hot throw int the potatoes and onions and get them coated with oil. Turn them about every 4 minutes. They should brown up and finish cooking.

    If you are trying to shred the potatoes like Waffle House they use a dried potatoes and reconstitute it before they cook it. You cannot cook a raw potato and get those kind of results as the dried potato is partially cooked and processed. Costco, Sams, and larger grocery store will carry the dried shredded potatoes if you want those.

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