Academy Awards Synopsis

I missed the first twenty-five minutes or so, but I have gathered that Chris Rock gave some scathing anti-whitey comments.

Whatever Chris. I’ve seen your black hypocrite ass go back and forth on issues, and jump the fence and back to suit your paycheck.

The Negroes don’t understand why they aren’t in the running for Oscars.

The fact that they demand what’s not theirs speaks volumes.

The reason, Negro community, that you are not receiving Oscars is because you cannot act.

Politics has nothing to do with it. White people have enough shit politics for their fellow white people than to waste it on no-talent Negro actors and actresses.

Oh yeah, I did not see any crackers at the ABFF getting awards, nor is whitey complaining. Why do you suppose that is?

I’ll tell you why: because nobody gives a shit about your pathetic loser awards ceremony.

What about Spike Lee? he got a gimme Oscar late last year and he still pissed and moaned. Between him, Denzel, Freeman, Smith, Cheadle, Whoopee Goldberg, Halle Barry, and other Negro actors, you should be able to put together enough money to back a film. Oh I see, you want to use someone else’s money. So typical.

Start with beyonce. Send her back to her roots.

I got a kick out of Whoopee Goldberg mopping the floor while the dumb blonde actress could not ad lib anything.
Chris Rock as the ‘forgotten astronaut’ left in space. Techs on earth saying it could cost $2500 white dollars to retrieve him…
Some humor.
Chris Rock with his Girl Scout daughters selling cookies  to the audience was priceless.
At least it didn’t turn into a dog and pony show with the head dog and pony barry and moochellle leading the pack, carrying signs about their personal experiences with racism.
The Oscar’s lame attempt at keeping the acceptances speeches short by naming each recipient’s persons to be thanked on the tote board at the bottom of the screen, did not work for the most part. One prick came down the aisle pulled out his list. Many others talked over the music. On multiple recipient awards, the first person to speak got the most as the rest were timed out. Prick liberals.
It was going smoothly until they brought out Creepy Joe Biden. Gag me with a spoon. Standing ovation? GTFO! They brought him on to announce his stance on sexual assault.
And Leonardo? with his global warming speech? GTFO with Creepy Joe!
Mad Max Fury Road took most of the awards. I never heard of it. Go figure.
Best PIcture: The Room or Room…I forget
Best Actress: Brie somebody…never heard of her from Room
At least they didn’t have obamski broadcasting from the black house.

4 thoughts on “Academy Awards Synopsis

  1. Chris Rock says Hollywood is racist. He’s right; he’s made his millions saying things that no white man could get away with saying in public these days. There you go; racial bias, plain and simple. And he’s complaining about… what?

      • Indeed; Obummer has spent the last seven years “empowering” people like Chris Rock, the “BLM” free-stuff crowd, and every half-witted “minority” politician in America! These people are going to get one of two things; a government with so much overreach that they’ll be wailing and gnashing their teeth as we say “Toldyaso,” or a complete breakdown of this country. They ain’t gonna like either one… They ain’t gonna be ready for it either…

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