X slept in today if you wanna call 9 am sleepin’ late.

Remember how excited/ relieved X was at the completion of repairing the outside faucets?

X’s plane is smoking and he is now circling in a  holding pattern. He is pretty sure that the carpeting at the base of the toilet is wet. He will examine it further as the day goes by but suspects a bad gasket/seal between tank and toilet. Either that or X peed between the seat during one of his several trips last night. A definite possibility. The front of the toilet bowl was wet on the outside. It it’s the tank leaking, the floor would be wet in back.

X has done this before. The only problem was that X had to purchase a Grizzly Adams size pair of channel locks to get around the big ass mo’ fo’ nut that secures the seal. The tool barely fit in one of X’s four toolboxes. Will keep watch on it.

How many of us buy one ding dang tool to do one job, then it adds to our never ending collection of tools? If ya gotta have it, ya gotta have it. Beats payin’ a plumber.

Cold be a wax seal too. A little more involved, but doable. Always buy two. X didn’t smell any sewage. Don’t know what that signifies, just throwin’ it out there.

With the success of yesterday’s project completion, X has decided to begin feeding the yard. Today is watering day and X feels that he must water this evening, and it would be better to run at least one round of X’s homemade yard food today, then water it in good later.

Yard feeding done. X was gonna set up the sprinkler sose all he had to do at six was turn it on. Turned on the faucet and almost nothing. Full blast and the sprinkler did not have enough pressure to even do an oscillation. Conclusion: a silcock valve is not the same as a hose bibb. It does not allow full bore pressure from the water supply to exit the valve. Sombitch. Another trip to the hardware store. No watering today unless it’s done manually. X noticed the neighbors are preparing to cook up another batch of BBQed asshole.

X and wife managed together to backflush the pool. Now just need to get the leaves cleaned out. It will be a slow process as in addition to the leaves, there is now those plastic grocery bags, along with the individual palm fronds. Those things are long and will clog the polaris intake quickly.

The water is much to cold to get in an remove the leaves manually. The leaf catcher was an option we decided we didn’t need.

I found an old round sprinkler that I will use this evening.

I checked inventory at the Home Depot and Lowe’s and they don’t have the 1/2″ female hose bibb so I will have to order it.

Jeez. Turns out that the frickin’ sprinkler is hosed. Man, I am snakebit with sprinklers. I gotta get a new one every year.

I just trashed the Yardsmith. I have used Melnor brands for years…they ain’t worth a shit either as far as longevity. Going to look at Gardena.