The Sundance Channel

What happened to the Sundance Channel?

One would get the impression that they are mighty good, given that they toot their own horn a lot.

Compared to a few years ago, they now advertise mostly about themselves, in addition to their infomercial length commercial breaks.

Robert Redford supposedly has a huge hand in this channel. I’m not surprised as often as we are blessed to see Jeremiah Johnson.

The Sundance Channel first broadcast the original series The Returned or Les Revenant the French series that depicted a town on a dam that had dead citizens popping back to life, trying to rejoin society. The original version had nudity and mature language.

Sundance repeated this series recently and fuzzed out all the nudity and ‘bad’ language. WTF? Something changed there.

Something was lost in the intensity of the series when they edited it. Might as well be Saturday morning cartoons.

All their programming now is like bible thumpin’ Mormon Tabernacle television.

Sundance channel used to be totally uncut.

There was an original series called Top Of The Lake which had its share of nudity and weirdness. Ten bucks says that if they rebroadcast that one, it will be cut for the wide-eyed friends of Jesus as well.

With TWC, this channel is no extra charge. I am seeing that Direct TV now wants to get a little something something extra for it. So typical these days: the price goes up and the quality goes down.