The Motley Fool Won’t Let You Unsubscribe

Stay Away From These Assholes.

Once they get your email address, they spam you until you die.

If you click unsubscribe, the link takes you to the famous 404 error.

I thought that was illegal.

I’m not providing a link because I don’t want you to get caught up in their lies and deceit.



One thought on “The Motley Fool Won’t Let You Unsubscribe

  1. First congradulations you found a place that will let you express your discontent
    For the Motley Fool. DON’T sign up for the monthly newsletter. I am retired and I don’t have time for all their shit not related to what I signed up for. This piece of garbage now fills up my in box with their promotions. I look because I am looking for what I was promised. 1 of 20 is what I paid for. Now I am subscribing to Morningstar
    In one week I am far ahead. I hope you see this before you fall for their TRICK.

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