On Monster Cleaning Chores…

I have been watching my pal DrJim and his cleaning the garage chore. I feel your pain, and soon to me mine.

We moved in here eleven years ago this May, and have never cleaned the garage. My wife used to drive her car in but that stopped about 4  years ago when she brought home three four drawer legal file cabinets full of teaching materials that the school was throwing away.

Since that day, the garage has become the last stop before stuff got tossed into the garbage.

Little by little, one thing at a time until I have to move two things out of the way before I access my toolboxes (that is not right).

I have 17 cases of bottled water that I handily started buying, and dropped them by the back door (at $2.24 per case, I cannot pass up a bargain).

My four stacks of milk crates are now 8 high, and have become my personal storage for stuff; rope, gloves, too numerous to mention. Oh, the beer bottles. With all the brewing I have done, I have managed to acquire quite a stack of cases of empty beer bottles.

Sam’s has a 7.1 cubic foot freezer on sale for $139. I feel I cannot pass it up.

However, and this is a big however, I must make room for it first.

Remember those little games you had when you were a kid? a small square that had sixteen squares and one of them was blank and you had to move all the rest of the squares to get any of them in sequence? That’s what my garage seems like.

I must have the freezer. The two I have are jam packed with stuff.

So, first I must cut up a bunch of cardboard boxes that have overtaken the center of the garage. That mountain of cardboard will probably fill my recycle garbage can, and then some.

If I get that done, then I can move the water there, then go get the freezer. I’ll have to route an extension cord to it as there is not power close by.

Haier 7.1 CU FT Chest Freezer

OK, I had to move the bottle water. Did you know that they package those cases differently so that you cannot stack nicely all brands mixed together? I didn’t. I was not ready to move 17 cases of water 3 times. I had to cut some plywood to put between layers to spread out the load. Then I had to cover it with a piece of custom cut cardboard as now, the pallet sized water stash is visible from the street.

It’s very strange here or maybe I’m paranoid. If I have the garage door open, it seems like every sombitch that drives by, slows down first as they scope out my garage. I wonder what would happen if I would happen wear my pistol whilst in my garage.

I never liked having my 16 5-gallon jugs of water next to the door either, I just don’t have anywhere else to put them. They are very visible from the street.

Anyway, ready for the freezer. I bought and paid for it so I just need to go pick it up.

The yard guy came by and I will retain his services tomorrow as an extra hand to pick up and unload said freezer. The following day will be a trip to Sam’s as their specials have kicked in. We will also work on the dryer vent. I think it is still partially clogged. He agreed to help me in whatever ways I can think up to fix that. He volunteered his leaf blower to put into the vent and maybe blow it out the top. Perhaps seal with some duct tape then fire it up. Could work.

My problem is that I can no longer squeeze between the dryer and water heater to reconnect the vent hose as my belly is too big. The other side is the washer butted against the second fridge. There is only one avenue to approach the vent. It was dicey even when I was mildly overweight.

I cut up a bunch of boxes and filled my blue receptacle completely. The really sad thing is that the spot the boxes occupied was where I was going to put the water…didn’t happen.

Still, made some room and the freezer will fit in the newly acquired space tomorrow.

Now, I await the arrival of my new bicycle.


4 thoughts on “On Monster Cleaning Chores…

  1. What’s with all the water bottles/jugs? You have a river in your backyard. Dryer hose- I would replace it as it collects a lot of lint. If it blows out the wall, maybe OK on the blower, but if it goes thru the roof vent I would be careful== dryer fires. I cleaned one of my storage buildings, throw it all outside and carefully put the good stuff back in side. The leftovers went into the dumpster. Good luck..

    • We cannot stand the city water. All of our drinking water and ice comes from the 5 gallon jugs. Also, we have a huge aquarium that require water changes in 10 gallon increments weekly. Being in the city in a SHTF scenario, 20 cases of water and 75 gallons in jugs wouldn’t last very long. The pool people told me that if the pool chemistry is correct, it can be potable.

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