Back In The Garage Today

I was not ready for the lack of my typical leisurely breakfast and morning as it was shortened by the day’s chores.

The yard guy showed up at 9, and it was decided to work on the clogged dryer vent first. He doesn’t speak English, so I muddle through the best I can with my Spanish which seems to be enough.

I had already pulled the dryer out from the wall and disconnected the hose. Some definite lint buildup at the dryer exit and in the hose itself…no surprise there. I dragged the extension ladder from the back yard giving him access to the roof where the vent exits. The person who designed this house musta been on acid. Who the hell forces dryer lint up 12 feet to exit onto the roof? The only other option would be to divert it horizontally through the wall onto the front sidewalk. I don’t think so.

He took his leaf blower and stuck it in where the dryer connects to the vent. The vent on the roof had no screws and was inaccessible so we went from bottom up.

I watched the vent as he fired it up and mass quantities of lint began blowing from said roof vent. He made a couple trips to the roof to pick out some of the larger blobs and repeated a couple more times.

After reconnecting the dryer back to the system, he returned to the roof and indicated that there was indeed noticeable air flow coming out. Primary goal accomplished.

He next started cleaning up the west side of leaf patrol.

I mentioned that I would be needing his help to go to Sam’s and pick up a freezer and help unload it at home. I kinda sprung it on him, and he nodded with approval. He had been eyeing my pickup anyway, and he got a little ride in it. Sam’s is less than five minutes away for me.

It took longer than anticipated at Sam’s, having  never done the “pay online and pick up the next day” routine, but we got it done.

We unloaded and he continued his clean up efforts on the west side, moving to the back. He indicated that he would have to cut short today, as he had 4 more yards to go for today. No problemo. I paid  him an hour and a half at $20/hour and he said he’d return next week to finish.

Meanwhile, I unboxed and installed the freezer. In less than an hour it had reached temp, to my surprise.

Tomorrow, shopping spree at Sam’s.

Yesterday, I received my new bicycle. I spent an hour or so unboxing and assembling that. I finished doing the handlebar adjustment this morning.

It’s a fat tire bike: 27.5″ x 2 inch tires, 21 speed, disk brakes.

I used to be the bike mechanic for a local Raleigh and Schwinn dealer back in the 70s, so there was not  much I had not seen.

The disk brakes were new for me though.

With the extra large diameter wheels plus their width, it should make for easier rolling. There is some front suspension as the forks are telescopic…technically. I had to do some calculation to convert 250 kg3 to psi or whatever the metric measurement is. On some of the old 27×1/1/4 tires, they could spec up to 120 psi. After way too much time on the web searching, I concluded that 36 psi is the equivalent. I put in 25 psi and the tires were pretty hard. Might as well do it right.


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  1. I had the same damned setup for my drier at my old house. I had put some solar hot water panels on the roof, and of course, the drier vent roof was in the way of one of them. I pulled the vent roof off and cut the offending end of it off to allow the solar panel to land. While I had it off, I decided to shove a toilet brush, taped to a pool skimmer handle, down the vent stack while the drier was running. I expected something, but NOT what actually came out of that stack! It was like the popcorn maker from hell, as tennis ball-sized clumps of lint lofted out of the stack, sailed across the roof, and settled in the neighbors’ yards, on their cars, and in their pools! …And they KEPT coming out. I agree; venting the drier through the roof is retarded! ‘Damned drier worked GREAT afterward though…

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