Mexican Officials Plan “Anti Trump” Campaign

Mexican politicians (very loosely defined) are planning to host forums highlighting the benefits of the US-Mexico relations to the American people.

So many things wrong with the above sentence…

  1. There are no politicians in Mexico…there are only two ballot boxes: you vote for one guy, or they put you in the other. The “winner” of the election, then gets to sit on his  ass taking bribes, getting fat, and continues to destroy what’s left of the middle class.
  2. Mexican citizens do not know what the fuck a forum is
  3. Lastly, and most importantly, there are no benefits of US-Mexico relations to the American people. Regular folks in the US, especially those here in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona don’t want your illegal immigration trash over here. What pisses us off even more is the fact that you, Mescan politicians complain that we don’t allow your outcasts to break laws in our country, when YOU deport every single poor bastard that sneaks into your shithole country.

Francisco Guzman, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto’s chief of staff, said on Tuesday that was time for the government to push back. Mexico planned to use its extensive network of US consulates to highlight the benefits of US-Mexican relations to the US economy and the American people, Guzman said. The initiative would include forums with US business people, politicians and public figures to get Mexico’s opinions heard.

Remember this, asshole Guzman, the US taxpayer paid for your damn consulates in this country. Maybe we should shut some of the consulates down. Why the hell are there lots of consulates when we all hate you?

Also, I would like to see what the fuck kind of US business people that would show up at one of your forums to discuss how they can help you find ways to continue to break our laws.

When Trump gets elected, I will personally help build and strengthen the wall that is here.

There is no way that you will improve how the United States citizens looks at Mexico.

Mexico is a third world country. It is full of corrupt politicians, and steals money that the US gives Mexico and puts it in their own pockets…that includes you Guzman and of course Pinocha Nieto.

Guzmán stated that once Republicans and the Democrats pick their nominees, Mexican government officials would like to meet them before the November election.

Trump will never meet with you.

The democrats will because they see you as nothing more that votes for them. They don’t give a shit about you, but will gladly take your vote…sounds like YOU.

Mexico Launches Diplomatic Campaign To Counter Trump


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  1. When Texas was a country they ran all of the Mexicans back to Mexico. Year later the mexicans were at it again and we had a war with them and ran all of the mexicans back to Mexico. We have gotten soft in the past 100 years and need to do it again.

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