Whatever Obamski Is Smoking, I Want Some

Obamski thinks the economy is improving because someone chalked up a bunch of falsely inflated numbers of new jobs created…

Obama Just Made A Huge Claim About His Plans That Will Have Many Americans Shaking Their Heads

I never had my perspective of reality altered as much as obamski seems to have.



One thought on “Whatever Obamski Is Smoking, I Want Some

  1. Lessee; an “Average Joe” loses $30.00/hour job; that’s one job lost. Joe finally manages to land two part-time jobs, each paying $8.50/hour; that’s two jobs gained, according to Obamanomics. His newly found road to riches has no benefits. He’s been out of work for a couple of years, so he’s burned through his 401K. He lost his house some time back when the 401K dried up, so he’s living in a Section Eight rental. He has no health care insurance, so he goes on Medicare. He’s on food stamps, but is making too much money to go on welfare. Joe’s neighbor to the left is an illegal immigrant. He works under the table, and uses someone else’s Social Security number to steal benefits. He’s destitute on paper, so his kids are going to college “free.” He laughs as he tells everyone who understands Spanish about how he’s playing the system. Joe’s neighbor to the right hasn’t worked a lick in his life, but gets Section Eight, Welfare, food stamps, Medicare, an Obamaphone, and subsidized utilities. This pillar of society illegally sublets rooms in his Section Eight rental to people he calls visiting “cousins” every time he’s asked about them. He’s selling drugs out of the toolshed out back. His kids are also going to college “free;” at least the ones that aren’t in jail. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! ‘Must be that “common core” math… Joe must be so happy…

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