Pop Back In The Hospital

I got a text from my brother this morning stating that Pop went back into the hospital last  night (Monday) and he had tried unsuccessfully to reach him.

I called Pop this evening and he sounded bad. He indicated that he had trouble breathing and had called the night nurse at the home, who promptly sent  him to the ER.

He has a continuous problem of fluid buildup in his lungs. He was in less than two weeks ago for the same issue. They give him IV Lasix until he sheds off the excess fluid, but seems to get it back more quickly  now.

This is, as I understand it complications from congestive heart failure.

He also mentioned that his blood sugar (he’s Type II diabetic) was hitting 400, and the hospital was having trouble getting it down.

With the high blood sugar and seemingly level of difficulty in establishing a normal level (160 for him) it would seem that he may not improve.

I will call him again tomorrow, hoping for improvement; otherwise, I may have an unscheduled road trip on the immediate horizon.


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    • Thanks, brew. I talked to him last night. His blood sugar was at 225. A far cry from what it was. The docs are scratching their heads trying to figger out how to bring it down and keep it there.

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