X’s Thoughts on Current Events Today

What a stupid question. Ready or not, the feds will milk this dry to their advantage

No surprise here. Joined the ranks of Andrew Brietbart
And this guy is just now admitting Fukushima almost destroyed Japan? No shit? It’s killing the western US now. Cancer and contaminated fish are rampant.
 There is no coincidence in murder
France thinks it can force Apple to give up its back door into the system by passing its own law…I remind you that France is slowly falling apart with the  influx of ragheads into that country
I think obamski likes being king so much that he would do anything to keep his crown. Start a war with China? Bad idea in so many ways, but mostly because there are many more of them than us. Piss off N. Korea? Again, very bad idea. N. Korea reminds me of Robert Conrad  in those old Eveready commercials where he “dare you to knock it off” his shoulder.
A final thought on N. Korea: it reminds me of the Iran/Israel situation. North Korea could not be stupid enough to nuke South Korea. If so, they will all be crappin’ glo-sticks.
Swillary wants to sue the gun manufacturers to make them liable.
If the democraps get into the white house, it’s all over for life as we know it.
What will you do? Will you be a part of the revolution?
Or will you learn a new song?
I don’t consider myself an extreme right winger either.