Router Trouble

It has been almost a year exactly to the day when I replaced my wireless router; within 2 days in fact.

I cannot recall in recent years a router that has lasted longer than a year.

You may or may not remember that one year ago, I dumped TWC for Direct TV and have been sorry; oh so sorry since.

Amidst all the hubbub with the install last year, the router stopped working. We still have TWC but only cable internet.

Direct TV takes the rest of our money. What I am spending now on Direct TV after the promotional pricing expired, is almost what we were paying TWC for full blown digital TV and internet.

From one minute to the next last evening, the router stopped allowing internet through it; wireless or hardwire.

After some troubleshooting, it was determined that the modem was still good, but the router had to go. I purchased an extended warranty with this one and by golly, they held up their end.

I still had to go buy one as the company will send me a gift card for what I paid for it, after they receive the busted one. They did send me a shipping label to return it also.



2 thoughts on “Router Trouble

  1. I have had good service with Netgear equipment. I go for the models that I can attach an extended range antennae. The Linksys systems are also decent but there are a few of the models that are not consumer friendly in the setup especially if you have multiple access points or a repeater.

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