Wounded Warrior Execs Fired

Somehow, I felt it was largely a scam to play on good folk’s heartstrings to take their money.

I’m sure that Wounded Warrior did/does help many vets acclimate back into family, home and society, yet at the same time, I suspected that someone was making money.

But CBS News found Wounded Warrior Project spends 40 to 50 percent on overhead, including extravagant parties. Other veterans charities have overhead costs of 10 to 15 percent.

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X peels off a twenty whenever he sees a vet at the post office or the grocery store.



One thought on “Wounded Warrior Execs Fired

  1. Years ago when I was in the military I go volentold to help load a relief cargo plane for some world disaster. We load the plane as it is no big deal. A few days latter the charity wants to thank us with a lunch at their office. So the 8 of us load into the van and go there. The cheap cars in the parking lot were Lexus. There were a lot of Mercedes and a freaking Bentley. The lunch was prime rib and the biggest shrimp I have ever seen, a very lavish layout. Everyone that worked in the building was at this luncheon and we were mentioned and everybody pigged out. That was my first real eye opener – Map International is a charity all about big salaries for the workers there.

    Fast forward to 2012 and I am a contractor working on military satellite systems and I am doing upgrades at the big satellite farm in Germany at Ramstein for 3 months. I am staying at one of the better hotels there in town and a WWP film crew comes in to make some commercials with the wounded soldiers from the hospital there in Ramstein. These cats were working 4 hours a day and maybe 3 days a week, tops. They were hitting the tourist spots and seeing the sights during the days that they were not “working”. They hit the fests on the weekends. They were there for three weeks and they shut the bar down every night charging everything to their rooms. I talked to a few of them and they talked about how this was an all expense paid boondoggle trip for 5 of them the only person that was really needed was the sixth who was the cameraman, who could have done the camera work in 2 days. That was the end of my donations to WWP.

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