TSA Still In The News

The Transportation Safety Administration (Perverts ‘R Us) is blamed for  increasing long lines at various airports.

TSA says it’s because of short staffing.

Could be because of increased travelers.

Could be because more meat for the TSA perverts to fondle men, women, and children at their pleasing…more scanning of beautiful people for the jotos that are now gaynfully employed by TSA. Takes time fo be a perv. They’re takin’ their time to fondle your gentalia and they’ll get away with it.


X says this: if you’re gonna fly, you might as well be prepared to get scanned, fondled, and long lines.They can and will do it.

Plan ahead and get in line early.

Suck it up or drive.


2 thoughts on “TSA Still In The News

  1. Steppenwolf once sang “God damn the pusher man”. Time to update that by adding the TSA man, too

  2. The TSA in Atlanta are morons. Back in ’09 I was working as a contractor in Afghanistan. I had 3 weeks leave scheduled and I was working at FOB Salerno. I had to catch a flight to one of the major bases to catch a commercial flight to Dubai and transfer to a flight to my home in Atlanta.

    Right before I leave Salerno we get hit with the daily volley of rockets. Needless to say the smell of burnt powder is heavy in the air with the incoming and the resulting outgoing 155’s. I make my 1 hour flight to Bagram just in time to catch the commercial 5 hour flight to Dubai (there was a mandatory 2.5 hr per flight wait). There is a 4 hour layover in Dubai and I catch the 14 hour flight to Atlanta.

    I had been traveling for about 30 hours when I hit Atlanta. The process there is you de-plane, go through immigration, pick up your bags, go through customs, dump your bags back on the conveyor to pick them up in baggage claim, go through security so you can go through the airport to pick up any luggage at baggage claim, and hit ground transportation to go to the house.

    Of course I get random searched as I am one of the few non-muslems on the flight. They hit me with the explosives residue tester and it goes code red form my clothes, backpack, and hair. The TSA lost their minds and got very belligerent. They didn’t care I just traveled 30+ hours from a freaking war zone as they wanted to strip search me. I got the police involved and luckily one of the cops was an Afghan War veteran that had some common since. He “took custody” of me and we got on his golf cart and went through the underground tunnels to baggage claim where I got my bag and he took me to ground transportation and apologized for the idiots (his words).

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