This Is Getting Really Bad

We’ve got the media referring to anti-Trump protesters as “brownshirts“, and Bill Maher compares Trump to Hitler. Man, I hate that sonofabitch; Maher.

Anti Trumpers disrupted the Trump rally in Chicago. Anti Trumpers tried to attack Trump in Ohio.

Trump threatens to disrupt a Bernie rally with Trump “stormtroopers”.

This could be just the start of something just what obamski needs to declare himself king, suspend the election, and create the Disunited States Of Obama.

I think I’ll get some more ammo.



2 thoughts on “This Is Getting Really Bad

  1. As some one, who’s opinion I have a high regard for stated: You don’t have enough ammo. It is a certainty; War is coming.

  2. I just ordered more reloading supplies. I pressed out 300 for future use along with this weeks range ammo this weekend. I am averaging about 150 rounds per week for the pistols at the range. I can go months without shooting rifle and pick it up and shoot just as good as when I was shooting weekly. If I skip 2 weeks shooting pistol I will suck when I go back. Pistol is something I have to practice often or I loose the “fine edge”.

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