I’m going to head back on Tuesday (unless the worst happens). My brother is up there over the weekend leaving Monday, and I’ll tag team him for the rest of the week.

I likely won’t be back for maybe longer as brother has committed some moving next weekend. We want someone to be with Pop…just for company.

He is fully lucid and cognisant…just miserable.

I have lots to do here before I go.

Well, not that much but I wanted to replace the cruise control buttons in the Ranger.

I have an engine light on as well. The diagnostic port doesn’t work but I read somewhere that if I disconnect the battery for fifteen minutes or so, the code will go away and come right back if it’s something serious.

I also read that the cigarette lighter and the diagnostic port are on the same circuit so it could be as simple as a blown fuse.

Right again. I replaced the fuse and now have power to the port. Man, it’s the little things that make life easier.

The engine code has not come back. I topped off the radiator as the last time I had code troubles, the heater core was bypassed and a temp sensor on the core threw a code as it stayed cold while the rest of the cooling system got hot.

We decided to buy Pop’s ranch. I have been dealing with the mortgage company today before I hit the road tomorrow.

My brother indicated he would be unable to tag team me out this weekend due to prior commitment so I may be gone until the following weekend.


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