Back For A While

I returned home today as my wife is having a procedure done this week that required my presence.

Pop has improved probably as much as he can unless he decides to begin therapy and start getting out of bed. This will be the first week since he went into hospice that he will not have any family with him. Many think that the only reason he has improved is because someone has been there with him constantly for the past three weeks.

Some projects cropped up at home during my absence including the kitchen sink began leaking smelly water, the master bath toilet fill valve stopped filling, and the leaky washing machine flooded the garage.

Before I left Pop’s, I stopped at the local hardware store and picked up a fill valve so I wouldn’t have to drive 5 hours to home and stop at Lowe’s on the way in.

X gotta have his favorite toilet.

Replaced the fill valve but broke the fitting on the hose connection so I had to go to Lowe’s anyway. Put in a new corky as well.

Wife has a consult tomorrow of her surgery. The other projects will have to take a back seat to her needs until she is better.

Will go back Sunday to Pop’s probably for a long stint.

Supposedly we close on the property in early May, and I would like to be present at Pop’s place to keep the step-siblings out of his place taking his belongings. I am having the locks changed tomorrow to keep their asses out.

They have already managed to acquire Pop’s flatbed trailer, the commercial rototiller, a bench grinder, a giant jug of Rangerpro herbicide, two five gallon gas cans, a chainsaw, and that’s just what I know is missing.

They don’t get it that everything they take reduces his cash from any estate auction. The nursing home costs $4500 a month.

My  brother didn’t make it to Pop’s this weekend as he attended the flat track racing in Austin.

AMA Pro Flat Track Lone Star Half-Mile to run During Grand Prix of the Americas Weekend


2 thoughts on “Back For A While

  1. Your friends are correct in the improvement seen while family is around. During hospice there is no prescribed ‘rehab’ type care involved. If the patient doesn’t ask to go for a walk down the hall…the staff will not suggest it. Watched my mom go through that last year and was duly impressed by how quickly you can lose your mobility when you don’t use it.

  2. Besides changing the locks, you need to screw the windows shut, and put a lock on the mailbox.

    While we were at my dad’s funeral on of my dad’s dirtbag friends broke in by jimmying a window and made off with about half of his guns, a couple of cases of booze, and about $2K in cash.

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