Life At Home This Week

My wife had her procedure done Tuesday. All went well, according to the doc and she had to spend four hours in recovery. My wife does not drink, and any type of anesthesia or narcotic based drugs knocks her on her ass for a long while.

She was actually active after we got home around 1:30 that afternoon.

She took Wednesday off too.

I worked on the washer Wednesday, only to discover nothing that revealed where it was leaking. I bought new hoses anyway, and posted a question on the appliance repair blog. I have had much success with those guys, and I usually give them some cash for thanks for the help. They will also direct you to repair videos as well as part numbers and where to get the parts.

I await my pump that will be here Friday.

Today, I tackled the kitchen sink. A task that I have dreaded for months. A leak on the left side of the sink plumbing showed that rusty water had been running down from the tailpipe nut. I replaced it all.

I also had a new disposal that I replaced as well including the flange with new putty.

I had all the cuts made for the left side when to my horror, horror, I was unable to get the sink flange (basket) off. The tailpipe nut was frozen. When I turned it, the entire flange moved. I finally got the nut off using a chisel and hammer. I still couldn’t get the flange nut loosened so I put it all back together and sure enough, it leaked around the flange. I had to call a plumber. Man, I hated having to do that.

Currently, I am awaiting the plumber and will install the pump for the washer tomorrow.

I also called the CPA about our taxes, and they won’t be ready until tomorrow. My wife said “don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it.”

Well, we’re gonna have to pay this year and she hasn’t figured out that she will need to pull money from her 401k to pay the taxes and it takes a week to get that money. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it.” Famous last words. Sheesh.

Back to Kerrville on Sunday for a yet undetermined amount of time.

Waitin’ for the plumber


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