‘Nuther Update

Pop actually said yesterday that he might be interested in therapy. In that case, he would be discharge from hospice care, and begin physical therapy to perhaps become somewhat self-sufficient.

He cleans his plates now every meal; no matter what they serve; except the fish on Fridays. They always have an alternate meal for the picky ones.

They still allow him a beer a day. His choice is Shiner Bock. I think originally he liked the “bad boy” image from drinking a beer at the home and then he wouldn’t finish it. Now, he drains it. Good for  you Dad.

This week, I have been bringing him a DQ chocolate shake just before lunch. It drives up his blood sugar, but under hospice care, they are instructed to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Sorry Pop. More than likely, you will lose your DQ shake privileges if you go off hospice.

My wife has a follow up appointment at her doctor tomorrow. He will likely want to do an exploratory on one of her ovaries as an “irregularity” showed up on the ultrasound. That will require making an incision which will likely cause her to miss a couple more days work.

I need to go to the doctor as well as she stopped refilling my BP meds without an office visit.

The home gave me their wi-fi password and I brought my notebook up this trip. Still can’t access Irish’s site as they have some kind of lock on the “good stuff”.

The purchase of Pop’s ranch has moved steadily forward. I haven’t heard any more requests for documents this week so no news is good news.

I have to leave the home early today to meet the hired man to pay him for his past two weeks work.