I go outa town for a few weeks and Bubba now Stackz have closed down their blogs. Their wit, cunning, and clever words will be missed by all of us who followed them.

Know what? I am strongly considering doing same. With my new property purchase in the Texas Hill Country, there is no internet except what I can do on my phone, and that ain’t a lot. If things go as planned, I will be too busy to watch any TV or blog anyway. My list of tasks grows every day.

We are closing on the property early next month. I had already decided it’s too late to plant at that time so will spend the next year preparing the gardens and the lower 40 for planting next spring.

My plan is simple: fill the gardens with free horseshit, peat moss, and cedar mulch. Till in well and cover to kill the weeds. Perhaps worms will be in order.

A Mantis tiller is on my agenda as is a utility trailer to haul the other stuff. I will  hold off buying the big tiller until next spring.

I am also seriously considering building a new garden to grow blueberry bushes. More research needed on that before I make too many plans. It can be done, but the property largely lies on a huge caliche bed that is nearly impossible to drill, penetrate, or grow stuff in. Blueberries are acid loving and the land in Texas is mostly alkaline. PH can be lowered by the addition of the above-mentioned compost, as well as the addition of sulphur to the soil.

Some types of blueberry bushes grow six feet tall. I cannot have that in a raised garden as it would require an eight foot fence. I will already have to cover the garden with chicken wire to keep out the coons and birds, which will limit the height of the bushes.

One day at a time. I keep forgetting that.


5 thoughts on “Damn!

  1. Have you considered container gardens for fresh eating and fall/winter garden things? I enjoy blogging but I do wonder about time spent online. Good luck with your new property!

  2. I covered a 10 by twenty tarp cover carport with chicken wire. A lot of work well worth it. On another note , you can also lower ph with oak leaves, pine needles and coffee grounds

  3. No internet access would really suck for me.

    Maybe you’ll find some way to do a post a week or something…..

  4. There is none. As I understand it, DSL only will work if the distance between end user and source is less than 22,000 ft. There is satellite but that’s expensive for what one gets. I’ll have to remember to check with my new neighbors.

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