Back Home Again

In order to get my blood pressure meds refilled, I had to go back to  my dr. She would not refill them again without an office visit.

My wife called for an appt and there was a cancellation tomorrow. The doc is usually booked for 10 days so I jumped on the chance.

I found out this morning and was on the road at 9:45. Arrived home at 2:15.

I’m going to have to replace the thermostat in the truck. It’s throwing a PO125 code and the consensus at the Ranger forums is a new thermostat. All the trips up north have put many miles on the pickup. I’ll have to do an oil change this weekend as well.

I have no idea when I will return at this time.

The wife has more doctor appts for herself next week as well.

Off to the doc tomorrow and Advance Auto.


4 thoughts on “Back Home Again

  1. What forum are you using for your Ranger? My ’04 regular cab is going to be rolling over 100K in the next month and it is due a few things.

  2. Concerning your PO125 code; I had the same trouble. It was in a Saturn, but it was the same issue nonetheless. There are two things that’ll cause this code. One is if, like you said, the thermostat is bad. The engine will take forever to reach normal operating temperature, and the computer will throw the PO125 code. If you take the radiator cap off a cold engine, start the engine, and see the coolant rolling through the radiator right away, the t’stat has probably “failed open.” The OTHER thing that will cause this is if the Electronic Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor is crapping out. The sensor will read lower than it should. Even if the thermostat is working perfectly, and the engine is actually at normal operating temperature, you’ll get that same damned code. If you have a temp gauge, it’ll also read low. The needle may even “bounce around” a little, or otherwise “act funny.” The ECT is nothing more than a temperature sender. It’s cheap, and a lot easier to replace than the thermostat. You don’t even have to drain the radiator down to replace it. Make sure you leave the radiator cap on. Have the new one ready to put in. Unscrew the old one, and screw the new one in. You may lose about a half cup of coolant. If the code comes back, THEN replace the t’stat. Personally, I hate plumbing, and those damned t’stat housings always seem to leak for me when I put them back on. Cranking down on the housing bolts to stop the leak usually results in a cracked housing, and yet another trip to the parts store… Good luck…

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