Weekend Update

The trip to the doc was uneventful; a waste of time really. She got to my pocket for $35 copay and I’m sure got to bill the insurance company $160 for said visit. A few questions, a peek in my ears then into the schnoz, some touchy feely on the abdomen, and a listen to my lungs and heart via stethoscope.

She increased the length of my med refill time for six months.

I am considering getting a new doc in Kerrville.

I did stop on the way back to the house to get some blood work. They will fax the results to the doc on Monday. I suppose they will contact me if there are irregularities.

Saturday was a big day. Oil change done on the truck. I swear, I was unable to get the oil filter back on. I musta spent 30 minutes trying to fit the new one. I ended up installing it from the topside as I realized that I was screwing it on straight on instead of at the downward angle.

I put in a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil in addition to the traditional Valvoline 5W20 it calls for to top it off.

Then the thermostat. Advance Auto did not have the gasket for the water inlet…WTF? So I tried to replace it without a new one. I drained all the anti freeze to do this…about 2 gallons for the entire system.

You guessed. A trip to O’Reilly’s to remedy that. (Thanks, Steve.) I shall make the extra trip from now on to shop at O’Reilly’s from now on.

So another round of R/R thermostat. No leaks this time. I saturated the gasket with WD-40 before installing it. I have found the gasket will seat better if moistened. Just me. I did not drain all the anti freeze out the second time. I guess right and only had to add a gallon the second time.

Murphy’s 14th Law: Anything you try to do yourself will take longer and cost more than you thought.

I cleared the PO125 code with the code reader. The code has not popped up in the past until I make a long trip. We’ll see about that.

As it happens, my wife does not have to go back to her doc this week so a little reprieve there.

Before I left last weekend, we were expecting a significant amount of rainfall this past week at home, so I mixed up my yard food concoction and fed the yard. The rain  never came to the yard got a little burned while I was away. Last night, the rains came. I didn’t care and got up early today and ran the sprinkler for a couple hours. I will do same this evening to get the ground good and saturated.

At this point, I am planning to return on Tuesday. I have to renew my driver’s license while I am in town and will take care of that tomorrow. A trip to the DPS office will be in order.

In Texas, we have to make a personal appearance to renew our license every 12 years. I am guessing to do an eye test. Other than that, we are allowed to renew every four via mail.

My wife’s car is due for license sticker. An state inspection is required before that can happen. Since she takes her car to work, I will be unable to take care of that for her until I get back.