Ain’t Done Nuthin’

I haven’t done a damn thing in two days this week. I get the wife off to work, and I return to bed; only to be awakened by her phone call later in the morning.

The rest of the time, I manage to piss away accomplishing nothing.

I still haven’t renewed my driver’s license. I half expect the DPS office to be overrun with illegal aliens getting ID cards.

My pop is actually going to start physical therapy, which will remove him from hospice care.

I have put off returning to the hill country for a couple more days. I have enjoyed not having to drive somewhere every day.

I also have a fondness for eating more than once a day.


Today, Wednesday I got off my ass and did some shit. I made it down to the Texas DPS office this morning at 8:00 to renew my license. It pays to go early. I was out in half an hour with a new license.

Every twelve years in Texas we have to make a personal appearance to renew our license. They take a new picture and redo our fingerprints.

To sign in, one must divulge one’s cell phone. Man, I love that…giving my cell # to state gov agency. They then have a monitor showing the last four digits of your cell and time left to wait.

I prefer the mail in but I’ll get my chance in six years to do that again.

Since it was so early, I went back home and decided to tackle the dishwasher since the pharmacy and liquor store hadn’t opened.

Well shit; as predicted I broke the knob on the supply line to the dishwasher. If that wasn’t bad enough, the sink trap was leaking again.

The broken shut off valve cause water to leak from it so I had to shut off water for the entire house.

After utilizing my favorite array of swear words, I set out for the pharmacy to pick up my script for Chantix. On the way out, I picked up 4 packs of smokes. The irony…the irony.

Next stop, Lowe’s. I found my valve without any help from store employees. Good thing too as they all scattered when I approached the plumbing section. Picked up some new a/c filters, and some expanding foam to fix the hole I punched out when I replaced my outside faucet.

I got to the liquor store right at 10:00 and picked up my Beam. I woulda bought two but they went up a couple bucks, so I’ll pick up a bottle for the lesser price at the hill country liquor store.

Back home and installed the valve and replace a damaged washer between the trap and sink down tube.

I had already been messing with the dishwasher, by removing the entrails. No extra food or junk found to clog the drain pump, so I proceeded to begin disconnecting supply, drain, and electric in order to pull it out from under the counter.

The folks that installed it a few years ago, used the leveller feet to bring the front of the d/w up to the top of the counter. Unfortunately, they used vice grips or some other means of damaging said threads on the leveller enough so that I had to do same to lower it. The leveller feet were hitting against the ceramic tile and had to be lifted in order to pull the unit up and over the lip of the ceramic tile. This was done whilst I lay on the floor. Oh joy.

I tipped the unit on its back to examine the drain pump. I couldn’t quite get to it easily so I tipped it up another 45°. I removed the drain hose…nothing there. I removed the pump (3 Torx screws) and voilà…I was holding the pump. Saw nothing clogging it so I put it back together loosely until I get a new pump.

Will order pump from

Now for something to eat. A little pork sausage, jalepenos, chopped potatoes, RS beans, and eggs oughta hold me a while…oh yeah, and some coffee. Better late than never.





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  1. If I get to Heaven and St Peter says to me “Your new job is Heaven’s plumber,” I’ll know for certain I’m in hell… I…HATE…PLUMBING!

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