Back To The Hill Country

Looks like I’ll be cutting out again for another travel adventure. This time will probably be gone 2 weeks solid.

We close on the property on the 9th and I will be heading up the estate auction that week to clear out Pop’s stuff, and hopefully get him some cash back in his dwindling bank account.

Wife took a chunk out of her 401k to pay for the closing, plus some extra for stuff I’ll be needing to start working the ranch.

I’ll be hanging with Pop for much of the day as I hesitate to do anything on the ranch until it becomes ours. Stuff can always go wrong.

I do have internet access at the nursing home, and will be able to post if anything comes to mind.

The step-siblings will be coming in the weekend of the 6th to gather up what all they think is theirs. I am not looking forward to that as their claims differ from Pop’s.

Pop’s 88th birthday is the 6th and the oldest step sibling is expecting a huge birthday party…at the nursing home. I just don’t get them.

I’ve been searching for a pressure switch for Pop’s old Campbell Hausfeld air compressor. I finally found one and having it shipped to Pop’s place. $40 sure is cheaper than spending $300+ on a new one.

My brother hot wired/bypassed the pressure switch during one of my absences there. Hope I don’t find more stuff “hot-wired” when I return.


One thought on “Back To The Hill Country

  1. Ahem…..just a word of warning from a participant in a similar “family affair”. I’m easy going and all that; and fully expected the “others” to play by gentleman’s rules in the dispersal. Didn’t happen. Thinking back; I should never have expected anything more from that particular genome.
    My word of advice. GLOM on to anything and everything! “They” don’t even know what is there and they will never even know what “isn’t” there.

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