Obamski Raises Fence Around Black House To 11 Ft.

Is this irony?

Obamski is raising the fence around his house (for the next 7 months anyway) to keep out “intruders”.

Yet, Obamski has literally tied the hands of all US Border Patrol Agents by telling them to “catch and release” all illegal aliens…don’t forget ragheads, goat fuckers, child-marrying pedophiles, terrorists… the list goes on.

“Hello kettle.”

“Hello pot.”

“You’re black.”







One thought on “Obamski Raises Fence Around Black House To 11 Ft.

  1. And if anyone gets past that eleven-foot high fence, there are all those guys with GUNS! You know; the same guns the Kenyan idiot’s been trying to “control” us out of since taking office…

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