I Have A Real Problem With This

Before I go off on this rant, go ahead; you can call me old-fashioned, stodgy, a stick-in-the-mud, a wet blanket, boring, plodding, a relic, archaic, dim viewed, narrow minded, old fogey, stuffy, or whatever.

This is just wrong


I read this position as Target will allow a person of either sex to go into men or women’s restrooms regardless of their own sex; changing rooms too.

So if  your eight year old daughter goes to the restroom, she is wide open for a sexual predator waiting for a victim. There was a story recently about a man taking pictures of little girls in the ladies’ room.


little boys too

and here

Target is testing robot employees now

You go for it. You’re losing customers every day you buncha liberal mofos.

You know who is to blame for this, don’t you? Goddam Comrade Barry Obamski. That liberal son-of-bitch and all his carpet munching, fudge packing, muff diving, butt pirating, cross-dressing, “I’ve a man’s equipment, but a woman’s brain” transsexual wannabees talking into his huge ears, and they make up new laws to accommodate this “new age of perversion”.

I cannot help but wonder what the fuck kind of lame duck shit that asshole is planning for his disgraceful exit.


2 thoughts on “I Have A Real Problem With This

  1. For once… for once I’m at a loss for words… You truly said it all! I can’t add any more… at least until I stop laughing my ass off! What the hell else can I do?… the laughing keeps me from screaming my ass off… This would indeed be funny if it were happening to some other country…

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