Hill Country Update

Pop actually showed signs of going into therapy last week, but has rescinded any and all statements concerning getting stronger.

The nursing home admin told me they needed his apartment so either start paying rent on that or empty it out.

That will work out as the step family will be here this weekend and they can moved out the heavy ass hospital bed and the electric recliner. My brother and I will move the rest.

The step sister has got a hardon to have a damn birthday party for Pop this weekend. It has been difficult reeling her in. Still, a “drop by and say hi” event is scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

We got grief from the bank  about closing on the property. The bull headed rookie did not want to do any overnighting of documents to my wife as she is smack dab in the middle of STAR testing. I finally went to the realtor and he “had a conversation” with her.

They can do the overnight, but the docs cannot go directly to my wife as they must go to an “agent”. Still, no closing date has as of yet been specified. Waiting…

This weekend is the one I am dreading for the step siblings to start  making demands on Pop’s stuff at the ranch. I am not looking forward to it, as there are things that they are allowed to have, but have indicated they want this, and that, and can I have that…gimmee, gimmee, gimmee.

My wife found out that she will need a partial  hysterectomy. Her surgery is scheduled for the 17th. She will miss the rest of the school year and is very angry about the timing.

Needless to say, I will be going home to be with her during her recovery.

I also have been chosen to serve on municipal court jury on the 19th.

Other than that, things are fine.

Update 5/5

The title company stated that it was my wife who had to find a local “agent” to do her closing papers.

It looks like my wife will have to drive up Wednesday to the closing, and return Thursday.

If it gets down to cutting nuts, it’s her fault as she OK’d the closing date way back when we signed the contract. I haven’t reminded her of that and probably won’t unless she starts ranting about the closing date conflict.


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