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The day I dreaded is now over. I saw the ugly side of my now wicked stepsister yesterday when they showed up with giant utility trailer and both sisters had their vehicles. I was totally taken by surprise when they entered carrying giant plastic tubs.

They went through every drawer, cupboard, cabinet in the house. They were like locusts stripping my father of possibly hundreds of dollars he could have gotten at the estate auction.

Besides the furniture we had agreed upon, they took decorative tins, glassware, every stitch of quilt in the house, paintings, books, silverware, electronics, they even walked around the yard and took clay flower pots.

I hope my pop lives long enough to spend every frickin’ dime of his estate which would leave them with no inheritance when he passes.

I wished last night that it would rain today for their trip back…got my wish. It’s an open utility trailer. I am sure they were scrambling for tarps this morning; if they even took it with them. Perhaps they left the trailer at the other sister’s. Poor bastards. See what greed gets ya?

I am smiling again.

Pop probably had twenty visitors on Friday, his 88th birthday. There are still cupcakes left.

Pop has self-induced  nosebleeds from blowing his nose too hard, and shoving nasal spray up his nose too hard. He neglected to tell the nurses those details so they reported to the doctor and he made an appt. for Pop to get his nose cauterized.

Well, a little research has shown that it is a painful process that involves general anesthesia. The last time he went under, he almost did not come back. The horror stories I read about the lingering pain for several days has convinced him to rethink this procedure.

The bank still bugged my wife last week even though I have asked them not to bother her during school hours. They wanted to close on Friday, but my wife could not be here for that. Then all of a sudden the bank discovers that there has not been a survey, and it fell to guess who; me.

$900 they want for a survey and the guy I called wanted to know if I was going to pay up front. I told him the closing was scheduled for Wednesday and needed to have it done as soon as possible. He said he would call the title company and we could include the fee in the closing costs.

My brother and wife came down Saturday as we had to move Pop’s stuff out of the other apartment he was keeping here at the nursing home. The administrator cornered me last week and said to either pay the rent ($1700) or get out.

There is another nursing home across the street, the roof collapsed a couple weeks ago. Several patients were transferred here, and the others were scattered around town. So  this place filled up in a matter of minutes.

Medicare pays for Pop’s hospice care, but the skilled nursing comes out of his pocket ($4500 a month). The apartment costs vets $1700 a month and $3500 for non vets.

Back to the move. We were able to get it all in my truck and his car. The step siblings provided the trailer to haul his hospital bed and the electric chair home. (They took the chair with them. I hope it is soaking wet by now.)

My sister in law still isn’t speaking to me. Don’t know what I said, but have decided that I don’t need her voicing her unwanted opinions, and therefore do not care.

My  brother missed work last week due to an undisclosed illness, and it wasn’t the flu. He still wasn’t 100% on Saturday, so they drove back Saturday.

I’ll have to call the auction guy tomorrow and see if there is enough time for him to get this thing organized and done by Saturday, as I want to go home on Sunday where I will have a day to recover before my wife’s surgery on Tuesday the 17th.

Oh yeah, the dishwasher awaits for me and the ding dang kitchen sink still leaks.

Sigh. My work is never done.

5/9 update

I spoke to realtor this morning…no call back. I called title agent. She responded saying the survey would be paid for from closing costs, and that they had all the paperwork they needed to do the survey.

I will be pleasantly surprised if the closing actually takes place Wednesday. If it doesn’t, my wife is going to have to make other arrangements with her school to accommodate these pricks at the bank.

By the way, Di-Tech is the finance company. It is a subsidiary of Bank of America. Remember them? The Nazis of the banking industry.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Plans

  1. I’ve seen this happen before, so you have my deepest sympathy.

    The Very Nice Lady that was my landlady at the apartment I lived in before I met my wife had this happen to her.

    When her mother passed away, she left a very detailed will denoting who got what, and how much. Her mother and father had built up several local businesses, and owned half-a-dozen house in the area. Mt landlady basically “ran” everything, AND took care of her mother during her final months.

    NONE of the family pitched in to help with any of the building maintenance or caring for the mother. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

    They all came up to my sweet landlady (who was also a babe my own age, I might add….) AT THE FUNERAL, and asked her the same question.

    “When are we going to get OUR money?”.

    I almost cried when she told me that.

    Over the 12+ years I lived there, I got to know her (and her mother) pretty well, and they were wonderful people. It made me wonder what had happened to the other children in the family that turned them into such greedy fucking bloodsuckers…..

    So hang in there, buddy! It will be over in God’s time, and then you’ll probably never have to deal with them again.

  2. I’m gald your pop is still hanging in there. Continued prayer for you and family buddy. I hope the greedy ones are delt 100x over in karma.

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