Stuff Happening

We are supposed to close on the property Saturday. Although I have not heard, I am sure that the  is pressuring the title  company to get it done asap as Monday is the expiration of the contract extension and the seller (Pop) or the buyer (us) cancel the whole ball of wax through no fault of our own.

It ain’t over yet.

Wife found out today that she will have to stay in the hospital for three days after her surgery. She is really upset about that. Although we were not specifically told, we assumed that it was an outpatient procedure. Wrong.

After driving up tomorrow, she will return Saturday after signing.

I will return Sunday (sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?) and stay home for at least at week to help my wife get back on her feet.

I have had the auctioneers here a couple times this weeks beginning to take inventory on the estate auction. Lots of stuff to go. My dad has a sharpshooter shovel he as had for fifty years, and it is still his favorite. They musta took 200 pictures to post on their website.

It turns out there is a valuable coin collection that my brother took home with him given the lack of security here at the nursing home. The auctioneers were ecstatic to here that because the said coin collections and coins draw extra people to auctions. My brother refused to ship it to me as he doesn’t trust commercial shippers (can’t blame him) but said he would “figure something out”. I found a 1/10 1981 Krugerand that was stashed away in a drawer. I saw a similar coin on Ebay, and the bidding was up to $156.

I have found my precious El Dorado rum here in Kerrville at a store called Spec’s. That liquor store is bigger than some grocery stores I have been in.

I informed the hired man that he could now start working two hours in Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice. I paid him for this week and the past three weeks.

I purchased a couple of security lights; motion detector and dusk til dawn while I am away. One did not come with bulbs so another trip to the hardware store will be in order.

I am planning to have a ‘burn party’ with a lot of the witches’ paperwork and pictures. Kinda looking forward to that.

Vacation is almost over. When I return, I’ll have to go to work. Sure have gotten used to sleeping in…too much so I fear.

Update Sunday

We did not close Saturday. The survey did not get to the title company so they could forward it to the lender in time. It arrive a couple of minutes before 5:00 but the lender it in Pennsylvania and the “closing department” had gone home.

Obviously, we are home now so the only way this will happen is if the title company rep drives down to us and closed.

Last chance or we’re pulling the plug. We’ll find a new lender and another title company.

Wife will go to hospital tomorrow to pre-register for her Tuesday surgery.