Update at the Hospital

As I said, I took the wife into the hospital Tuesday morning at 6:00 am for her hysterectomy. At 11:30, they wheeled her into surgery.

The surgical waiting room had a television that was tuned to Fox News. I got up to date on the campaign and other issues that Fox thought important…for another three hours.

The doc came out after surgery and informed me that there was no cancer, and that he had to remove all her “plumbing” because of endometriosis, and got everything and all should be well.

She disappeared and I had to sneak back into surgery to find out where she was. Turned out she had already been assigned a room and had been moved there.

She was already on a morphine drip. Now you must understand, my wife never did drugs in her life and there she was getting the granddaddy of drugs pumped into her. She made absolutely no sense when she spoke. She said the room was spinning and when she closed her eyes, her eyes were spinning. A good friend came in at six and they chase me out.

Today, I got out of jury duty by giving my sad story to the local municipal court and they bought it: excused.

I went back to the hospital and wife was less loopy but still in some pain. She had already been up walking as well; doctor’s orders.

Up and down all afternoon, and then the nausea waves started. A coughing spell aggravated her incisions and she was  miserable for the next couple hours.

The nurses were concerned that she hadn’t peed and made that clear.

I left around seven, and  went home.

I got a call from her a couple hours later saying that the nurse came in to help her pee and she barfed up all over.

The nurse then catheterized her and the rivers flowed. She sounded much better, and had a shot of phenergan for the nausea.

Hopefully, she can show the doc she can walk and will get discharged in the morning.

On the downside, last Thursday night I got a frantic call from her saying the lights on the aquarium were blinking weirdly. Turns out the damn thing was leaking and the water was trailing down the wires for the lights and was shorting the power strip.

I had her shut everything off and forget about it, knowing full well that the tank was now history.

I am done with aquariums. I have four grand in this tank, and now the tank is shot. I will drain it, dump the rock (the fish are obviously dead), haul out the sand, and get rid of the tank and stand.

I’ll try to sell the chiller and the lights, but will not get much for them. Damn.




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