Some Aquarium Pics

These are from the early days of the tank.

This is a 110 gallon tank with fresh live rock and aragonite sand. The rock must “cure” for a couple weeks so that dead organisms die off, and the proper bacteria are allowed to thrive.

This is a specimen called dragoneye zooanthids.

This is a palythoa on the left with some yellow polyps on the right. The palythoa secretes a toxin that is more poisonous than anything else on the planet.

This is a pic of some ricordea mushrooms mixed in with the palythoas. Notice the candy cane corals to the right and the blastomussa off to the left.

This is another specie of blastomussa. Note the aiptasia anemone that attached itself to the coral. The aiptasia anemone is the scourge of any salt water aquarium. They multiply like weeds and they sting other corals. Fish will not eat them. The  only critter that will is called a nudibranch. They are slug like creatures that get to about half an inch long. Aiptasia anemones are they only thing they eat. I spent $200 twice to rid the tank of the aiptasias. They must be totally gone, or they will start again. Thus began the downfall of my tank a few years ago. The only way is to drain the tank, scrub the rock and hope for the best.

After this specimen, I never bought any more specimens from Ebay again.

Today, I hauled the stinking mass of live rock to the city, but they didn’t want it. They said I could drive twenty miles to the landfill and maybe they would take it. I dumped it all down the canal bank. Try to do the  right thing and get the shaft.

My wife said she would take care of getting rid of the tank and stand. A sigh of relief from me as I am preparing to head north on Thursday to begin working the ranch.


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