Never Ends

My wife, four weeks ago tomorrow had a complete hysterectomy, has been teaching summer school for two weeks now. She’s a real trooper as I know she’s had a few rough days trying to heal her wounds.

When I’m up at the ranch, we always talk in the evening for at least an hour. I am usually visiting with my pal Jim Beam and Friday, I left her the impression that I would come home Sunday, but instead I drove down Saturday and surprised her around 10:30 Saturday morning.

Monday, she did not feel like going to school and stayed home. For me, being home is a vacation.

Today, my wife got up at 6:30, and I fixed her barrel o’ tea, and she went to school. I went back to bed, because I can.

I hear the kid get up, shuffle around, trying to be quiet but usually makes even more noise, and finally heard the front door close, as she headed to class for a test.

A minute later, I hear a tiny voice “dad, my car won’t start”.

No sense in getting angry, and I got up, put shoes on, and had her open her hood whilst I readied the Ranger.

I dug out the jumper cables from the tool box, and met her car in the street. I reached to clamp on the negative terminal, and it turned completely around on the post. WTF? Sure enough, both terminals were very loose.

Thus began the quizzing “didn’t you get this battery at Advance Auto?” I asked her.

“Yes” she nodded.

“Do you still have the warranty receipt?”

She shook her head no. Good to know as they won’t warranty shit without a receipt.

“OK then” and I tried to find a way to cheat the connectors. They were already as closed as they would go, so would not  tighten further. I ended up pounding the top of the post with my hammer to mushroom it a little so the connector would tighten…it did.

Connecting the cables, it started. I gave her the cables telling her keep them as likely she would need a jump to get started again and to be ready to just come home and I would figure something out as to get her a new battery.

A new battery is piece of mind, and piece of mind is priceless; like a new set of tires.

She had no money, so I went to the ATM and took some out, texted her telling her to come home to get what she needed and go to O’reilly’s instead of Advance Auto. Thanks to a suggestion from one of my readers, Steve, I have shifted my business there even though it’s well out of the way.

I talked to a guy telling him the story and he said he would take care of her.

New battery is $127.99 plus core. Advance will install it for free; O’reilly’s said as long as it was under the hood and easily accessible would they not charge for replacement.

I had originally planned to return to the ranch on Thursday as the hired man there gets paid on Thursdays. I needed to meet my yard guy here to pay him for the next couple of mowing cycles to keep the yard here looking nice.

My wife got a little weepy and said do you have to go on Thursday and I said no and she said and that doesn’t mean you get to go on Friday either. I’ll stay another day or so as I do love her so.


Almost no one goes grocery shopping here except me, and I only go on Saturdays. There is little or nothing to eat here at this time without some serious scratch preparation.

Never ends.

I still need to go to Sam’s this week for some more light sticks.

GE LED Bright Stik 60w Replacement - Soft White (6pk)

$15.88 for a six pack. They have two packs of 100W as well. I went through the ranch house as far as I could replacing the CFL bulbs with these. All the CFL bulbs gave off a yellow light. Reminded me of a cheap hotel. The LEDs are white light.

One of my first tasks to complete at the ranch was to fix the master bath toilet. The shut off valve was corroded and leaked when turning on or off but did not leak WHEN on or off. I did that but the innards of the tank are not like any I have ever seen. No Corky. Instead, some odd Kohler contraption with a cylinder that lifts up to dump the water into the bowl. The cylinder then fall onto a rubber seal, and the tank fills up.

I found some seals at Home Depot but found no one that knew anything about replacing the seal itself. The center gizmo is frozen and I was unable to remove it. I found a You-tube video that showed how, but the hill country water is so hard that it probably ate the unit where it connects and was afraid I’d break it.

Have not found a way to replace the innards to retro fit it to the old timey Corky method.

It still doesn’t work, and I am consequently living in the other bedroom with its own bath… remember the one where I have seen two live scorpions?

There is no bed in the master b/r as of yet as well.

Expecting highs for the rest of the week in the middle and upper nineties.

Summer is here.




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  1. I hate plumbing… My nemesis was a Kohler “Quiet Flush” toilet. ‘Had guts like a space alien, with a replacement price to match; $96.00! Ace Hardware had an aftermarket replacement for $36.00.

    Don’t tell your wife about the scorpions… For me, it spiders; spiders big enough to have license plates on ’em… Every few days it’s “P-E-E-E-E-T-E!!! There’s a SPIDER!!! KILL IT!!!” These things are big enough that they actually leave a carcass behind when I smash them. I don’t know whether to call an exterminator or Animal Control. …Possible food source after the SHTF?…

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