Mantis Tillers

I have had the pleasure of using a Mantis 2-stroke tiller. These little guys are perfect for raised gardens as they only weigh like 21 lbs. The tines are sharp as hell and will rip through and till the soil very nicely.

Ultra Lightweight Tiller

A couple years ago I used one on some raised gardens with lots of horse manure. It tilled  and mixed the soil very well and I had some beautiful vegetables that season.

Using a premixed gasoline of 50:1, a gallon of gasoline will go a long way in a season.

These things will go and go and go.


Now for the bad news. The company.

I bought one May 22 from Mantis direct. At the time, they had a special deal in May; if you purchased your Mantis tiller by May 31, they gave you free shipping, AND a $30 gift card.

I ordered and paid for mine on May 22 of this year. Being in the boonies afterwards, I had no internet.

I waited and waited and when I visited my sick and ailing pop in the nursing home, I was able to use their internet. All I has was a vague email that asked me to check with customer service.

I did so and they requested me to call customer service. This was now June.

The customer service rep said that “the computer kicked out the order because the shipping address was different than the billing address.”

Well, how fricking convenient. They reprocessed the order for June.

They did not give me the gift card.

Customer service has not responded to my inquiries of the gift card.

The company president sent a message with the tiller asking to email him directly for any questions.

No response from the president of the company thus far either.

The president of the company is named Steve Lepera.

His email is

Not even a polite response from he or customer service.

Tell him what you think about weaselling out of the deal.

Ask him how he plans to continue operating with false advertising.

Update: 9/2/16
Mantis sent me the gift card. I got it yesterday, the first.
That doesn’t excuse the fact that there were no apologies, and was only my tenacity that got me the thirty bucks.


2 thoughts on “Mantis Tillers

  1. Sorry about that. I have Mantis- 2 electric and 1 two stoke. Bought locally, in case I need to tell them to shove it…

  2. I like the Mantis tillers too. I have a Troy-Bilt Horse tiller, but many times using that thing is like doing brain surgery with a machete. I use the Troy-Bilt to till the garden at the beginning of the year, and then use the Mantis to till individual rows when I want to replant them later in the season.

    I bought a used Mantis at a yard sale for $20.00. It wasn’t running, but it had good compression and spark. Knowing how much they cost new, I figured it was worth the $20.00 gamble. Getting it home, I tried getting it running, but to no avail. It would run for a few seconds on starting fluid, and had good fuel flow, so I knew the trouble was in the carburetor. New carbs for these things are $21.00 on Amazon, so I ordered one. Replacing the carb literally took ten minutes, and when completed, the tiller started instantly! While waiting for the carb to arrive, I had to make a trip to the dump. Sitting there on the metal pile was ANOTHER Mantis tiller. I threw it in the back of the truck, figuring I had just found spare parts for the other on. Of course, coming from the junk pile, I didn’t expect it to run, but it too had good compression and spark, and would run on starter fluid. One more Amazon order and one more ten-minute replacement later, and I had TWO running Mantis tillers.

    I took one of the carburetors apart to see what was causing them to fail. Inside, there’s a flat rubber diaphragm that pumps the fuel when the engine starts. The diaphragm gets hardened from the fuel, and hence won’t move up and down to pump the fuel. If you have trouble with yours in the future, this is probably the culprit, and a $21.00 replacement carb is the cure…

    Good luck with yours… And good luck with X-World!

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