It’s Really Sad…

Swillary and Willie’s home town are so caught up with them that there is one lonely soul who proclaims for Trump…and is shunned for it by his neighbors.

The locals are obviously so wrapped up having their “hometown girl” so close to the presidency that they will be quickly forgotten no matter what happens in November.

Poor bastards…every damned one of ’em.

obamski gets approval to increase height of fence around the black house

In September 2014, a Texas man, Omar Gonzalez, managed to scale the fence, enter the executive mansion and run deep into the building. Gonzalez, who was found to be carrying a folding knife, was ultimately sentenced to 17 months in prison.

I’m pretty sure that being in the United States illegally is a felony. This poor bastard got 17 months for jumping the black house fence, and we have record breaking numbers of illegals coming across the Rio Grande.

‘Course, then there is the heat wave coming that will definitely threaten anyone caught unprepared in the Desert Southwest next week.

An AR-15 for $500? I’ll take one please.

Now we have DHS saying they will be in charge of upcoming gun control…not according to Matt  Drudge